Data Capture Optimization

It’s important to understand what data you are collecting and how to use it, this is our approach:

 Analysis of all current data capture points

Ensure all relevant data is being collected

Develop a clear understanding of where data is being stored

Develop an understanding of data integration points

Data Capture Optimization

CRM Platform Recommendations

For many businesses, a CRM platform is needed to track, store and communicate with customers based on their interactions. Here’s what we offer:

Develop a CRM strategy and goals

CRM platform requirements gathering, to ensure you have the right platform

CRM platform implementation

CRM Platform Optimization

Activation, Reactivation & Retention strategy

Developing strategies to re-engage with customers after they have been acquired is key in order to sustain growth. Here’s what we offer:

Develop a CRM strategy to activate users

Develop a CRM strategy to reactivate users who have become inactive

Develop an overall retention strategy across multiple channels.

Retention Strategy

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