We provide comprehensive brand and strategy consulting helping you to better understand your market, define a clear brand identity and produce creative assets to help you grow.

Brand Workshop

The interactive Brand Workshop is an effective way to bring together stakeholders to develop a brand direction. Either you are looking to establish a new brand or to do a brand fresh-up, we can assist you with both.

The Brand Workshop is a discussion led by our brand strategist ranging from 2-3 hours to a full day, depending on the brand

We engage all relevant stakeholders and guide them through a series of questions, discussions and brand frameworks.

The objective of the workshop is to align all ideas and thoughts, and to develop a clear direction for the brand


Brand Strategy

To develop a distinct and valued brand in the minds of your customers, you first need to define a clear strategy. This is how we help you achieve this:

Using the feedback and conversation from the workshop we develop a Brand Strategy Document including key strategic elements of the brand and a suggested scope for further brand and asset development.

Depending on needs, the document will cover strategic essentials such as primary target groups, competitor overview, brand positioning, brand pillars including USPs, brand platform, brand persona, as well as a clear link to the overall business strategy, mission and vision

All feedback is shared with the business to help continue the creative process


Brand Assets, Identity and Design

Based on the Brand Strategy, we develop assets aligned with the client’s upcoming activities and needs. Brand assets will be developed together with our own or the client’s designer resources and can involve, but not be limited to, the following:

Brand name development

Brand hierarchy

Visual identity (logo, font, colours and other key visual elements)

Brand guidelines

Tone of Voice

Tagline and key message development

Online and offline assets

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