Analytics Strategy

Building an analytics strategy from planning and implementation to analysis and conversion rate optimisation

Liaise with management and business stakeholders to establish business objectives and KPI

Recommend specific analytics tools, Tag Management Systems and marketing platforms

Develop analytics roadmap

Analytics Strategy

Insights & Analysis

Translating online data into actionable insights

Conversion funnel analysis, product performance and onsite CTR

Understand marketing channel performance and create marketing attribution models

Analyse user journeys and build customer segments based on available data

Leverage range of existing tools, including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Mixpanel

Insight & Analysis


Regular personalized reporting for a variety of stakeholders to ensure easy monitoring of the right data for the right people

Regular (daily, weekly and monthly) automated reporting using google sheets, excel and direct to email PDFs

Weekly in-depth analysis of performance onsite across marketing channels

Create custom dashboards within the analytic tools

Analytics Reporting

Implementation & Tag Management

Audit existing analytics implementations, provide recommendations and implement changes.

Audit existing analytics implementation

Provide tracking specification including event hierarchy, custom dimensions

Data Layer specification to allow for analytics and marketing tracking through Tag Management Systems

Analytics Tag Management

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