A few months back we highlighted the importance of moving your website to a https secure version, and Google has started to step up the rhetoric on this issue as a new batch of warning messages via Google Search Console have started to appear in Webmasters’ Google Search Console http website property accounts.

Google Search Console http Website Warnings

As stated in the messages being received by webmasters, from October 2017 Google will show a “NOT Secure” warning when users land on a http page that has a data entry form on it.

It will also show a “NOT Secure” warning for any http pages viewed when browsing in Incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Forms & incognito http Chrome Warnings


What to do if your site is still http?

The key steps you need to take to make sure your website visitors don’t receive browser warning messages in Google Chrome are:

  • Change any pages that collects data via a form into https URL pages.
  • Any http pages changed to https pages will require redirecting to your new https pages

Instead of migrating just pages with forms on to https, we would recommend migrating your whole website from http to https because this will be more efficient to migrate the site fully rather than just a couple of pages, as it’s likely that you will need to have all pages in https at some point as eventually Google has stated that it will display warning messages on Chrome for all http pages, regardless of whether they have a data entry form included on the page or not.

Eventual Chrome https Warning Message

You can find more information on Google’s help section on how to migrate your website to https, these can be found at https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6073543?hl=en

If you feel you need some support to migrate your website to https we have had the benefit of managing many https website migrations over the last 5 years and more, so if you would like some support on migrating your website to make sure you maintain your SEO visibility in the process then please reach out to us at contact@ignitedigital.io


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