Google to display warning messages on http non-secure pages from October 2017

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  A few months back we highlighted the importance of moving your website to a https secure version, and Google has started to step up the rhetoric on this issue as a new batch of warning messages via Google Search Console have started to appear in Webmasters’ Google Search Console http website property accounts. As […]

#IgniteInsights: SEO Visibility of Organic Food Websites in Hong Kong and Singapore

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As the first part of our new regular Ignite Insights feature, we thought there was no better place to start than to analyse the organic visibility of the organic food sites offering delivery to its customers in Hong Kong and Singapore. Online organic food shops in Southeast Asia have exploded over the past few years, as […]

Is your website https ready? And If not, why it needs to be soon.

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Is your website secure? If the answer is no then you should be looking to change your site to https in 2017 Https has been around for quite some time now and according to a recent study around 50% of page 1 search results are https websites. This is expected to increase significantly throughout the […]

An Introduction to

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Hello from Ignite, We’re excited to launch our new website today! With our website launch comes our first blog post. We want to take some time to share our journey, the people behind Ignite and why we started a digital marketing agency. Who are we? We are 4 guys who started off as colleagues, became […]

Coming Soon ….. #IgniteInsights ….. Industry Specific Analysis of the Best Performing Websites in Organic Search

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We’ll be launching a new regular feature …. #IgniteInsights. This will be a monthly blog series providing insights into a particular online market, which is growing fast and will highlight the main companies online that are competing in a specific niche across different countries in Asia.

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